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How does it work ?

The process is simple, complete our affiliate application, subject to acceptance you will be able to start promoting straight away! We will send you your account details by email with a coupon for you to share, simply advertise this on your streaming and social media platforms and receive commission for any converted sales!

Over 200 Affiliates!

Completely free!

Earn 10% commission on over 100 products!

Why become a Hotkey Affiliate ?

Hotkey affiliates are able to sell hundreds of products with guided help on how to promote, advertise and gain commissionable sales all for completely free! We will help train, advise and assist on how to achieve the maximum growth for you and our brand. Not only will you be promoting a cool brand you will be a part of a family with other fellow gamers and if you ever decide to leave, you will have necessary experience that other brands will recognise!

Affiliate? What is that ?

Affiliate is a person or company that represents and acts as business partners to promote products or services for commission or rewards. In terms with Hotkey, you will promote our brand through your channels and will receive commission for each converted sale. Affiliate is a great way to gain sales experience connect with prospect companies and show the world how great you can be!

Do I need experience ?

Experience is not necessary, but attitude is! We will teach and help you promote our brand however it’s your drive that will sell products and make you money! Promoting is a great way for companies to see your market value and dedication towards gaming so it’s absolutely vital you learn how to promote brands if you are having a career in the gaming industry!

How do I get started ?

To get started just click the sign-up button to complete our application on google forms, upon acceptance you will receive an email from us telling you your account login details. Once you have these details you can log in our website to the affiliate area and check out all your sales, visitors and referral codes. You will also receive a coupon code for 5% off to give this to your customer for an initiative to purchase while gaining commission.

Why is it free ?

Unlike most affiliate programmes there is absolutely no cost to sign up, just simply fill out the application form. Hotkey understands how tough the gaming industry can be, so we try our best to help streamers and gamers enjoy and profit from advertising from offering a win-win free opportunity, most affiliates even receive free merchandise from their efforts!

HOTKEY Affiliate Application

Please compete the form below to apply for the HOTKEY affiliate program. You will receive a response via email as soon as we are done looking over your application. Good luck! Please note, we are not currently offering new affiliates FREE merch, this can be earned through sales, however we are offering exclusive deals.

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